We Are Followers Of Jesus” – This Is Who We Are. Another word used to describe this is disciple, but simply stated, we are defined by how we are following Jesus in every area of our lives. This is more than simply having the name “Christian”, but an all-of-life surrendering to the rule of Jesus, continually growing as a follower in our mind, heart, and actions. The most compelling witness to the Gospel message is a life that is displaying what is being declared, a vivid illustration of the truths being proclaimed. Our identity is grounded in Jesus, having been adopted into the family of God.

Helping Others Follow Jesus” – This Is What We Do. This is wrapped up in the Great Commission, that we take the posture of going, declaring, teaching, and grounding others in Gospel Identities, and this only being accomplished through the abiding and indwelling power of the Holy Spirit. We can’t make disciples apart from Him being with us. This is what Jesus prayed for in John 17, that there would be those who would believe in Him because of our word, and be established in their faith. This is why we are sent as servants and missionaries, to continue this work.

Together In Georgetown” – This Is How And Where We Do It. This is what makes us the church, the fact that we are called to do this together. We are members of the same Body (Greek word: Soma). We don’t do this in isolation, but as a community, together growing up into the fullness of Christ, and being sent out together to help others become followers of Jesus. While we share this in common with the Universal Church and will partner with them, we specifically and practically live this out of our Gospel Identities as Family, as Servants, and as Missionaries, starting right here with our neighbors, in our city, and beyond.

“For The Glory Of God”This Is Why We Do It. This is not about us being known or significant, but about the rule and reign of God through Christ Jesus being realized in us, and through us, for His glory. Everyone’s significance and purpose is found in God’s significance and purpose, so we will relentlessly give ourselves over to the display and declaration of all that God is, and all He has done through Jesus Christ.

We Are Family – We are adopted by our Father, and now live as those radically reconciled with Him and with others, in love. We grow deep in our love for God and love for others.

We Are Servants – We walk in the footsteps of Jesus who served us even through death on a cross, and we now serve others, in humility. We are the hands and feet of Jesus.

We Are Missionaries – We are sent in the power of the Spirit as ambassadors with the message of reconciliation, with Gospel intentionality, in the everyday encounters He leads us to.

The foundational context for this to be expressed is what we refer to as the Missional Community, a small group of 8-15 people who commit to share in the regular rhythms of life as followers of Jesus, working together to help each other, and others in their sphere of influence, to follow Jesus. These rhythms include Blessing, Eating, Listening, Story-forming, Celebrating, and ReCreating. This helps create a way for us to intentionally live life in community.

Each member of a Missional Community is encouraged to participate in a DNA Group (Discover, Nurture, Act) consisting of 3-4 individuals that meet regularly to discover God’s truth from His Word, to help each other grow in maturity in their faith and life, and to exhort each other to act in trust and obedience according to what God is leading them to do. This helps us set a baseline to be known and live life on life.

The Missional Community regularly identifies a Common Mission(s) that can be worked on together for greater effectiveness in declaring and displaying the Gospel to those not yet in the family of God. This helps us live life on mission, and yet should never become a substitute or detriment for living with Gospel intentionality in everyday relationships. We must always be considering the stories of those around us, and see how they provide openings for us to help someone else begin, or continue, following Jesus. Great care should be given to making room for this in the schedules and rhythms of everyday life, as this tends to be the first thing to be infringed upon when time gets filled up with the “stuff of life”.

Equipping is provided for those that desire to more effectively help others follow Jesus, through resources, personal mentoring, or classes. Those that demonstrate Faithfulness, Availability, and Trustworthiness are entrusted with opportunities to lead others in following Jesus. This may be in leading a new DNA, Missional Community, or Common Mission.

The Gathering of multiple Missional Communities together for the purpose of overall vision, training, and teaching on a regular basis, as well as to celebrate together in expressions of worship such as singing, prayer, communion, and baptisms, will normally be held at a time and place and in a manner that is most helpful to the purpose of the gathering. While any of these elements may be present in the other settings, it should also be encouraged for them to be present at the larger gatherings for the edification of the larger body.

We want to be the church in order to more fruitfully be a church, and in turn, we want to be a healthy church that will Plant Churches that are healthy. In the same way a healthy, growing Missional Community leads to reproducing more Missional Communities, it is our desire to intricately be involved with other missional churches being planted here in Georgetown, and around the world. We will do this with our finances, but also with our time, our relationships, our sending of others or going ourselves on short-term trips, and if God leads, we will be willing to relocate to be a vital part of that new church. 

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